Jennifer Aniston: I had bad hair for a whole decade

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09 October 2015

Jennifer Aniston views the entire 1980s as a decade in which she made the worst hair choices.

The 46-year-old Cake actress sports gorgeous blonde locks on a regular basis.

But the big, teased hairstyles she had during the 1980s has the star cringing with embarrassment.

“Can I just say a decade? The '80s by far,” she told Harpers Bazaar magazine of her biggest hair regret.

Nowadays Jennifer doesn’t believe she suffers from many bad hair days.

The only time she really worries about her locks is when the weather gets involved.

'I have all sorts of weird cowlicks'

“When my natural hair is tame and easy,” she said of her idea of a great hair day. “I have curly, wavy hair and I'm always envious of girls who get out of the shower and their hair just dries and they can just go. I have all sorts of weird cowlicks, so when it actually decides to behave in the elements, that is the perfect hair day to me.”

On the rare occasions when her tresses are out of control, Jennifer has a foolproof system in place to get things back in order.

The star incorporates accessories and certain beauty products into the equation when she needs a little extra help.

“Usually I put it up in a ponytail or a great hat, but I don't have very many bad hair days,” she noted. “Last night I used my Living Proof Night Cap and it's kind of incredible; I just wake up and it looks fresh and clean. There's also the new dry shampoo that's available so you can go a couple days without washing your hair. I would say I go two or three.”

If Jennifer could do anything risky with her hair, she would go for a “pixie” cut.

She also has a few celebrity crushes who constantly inspire her when it comes to impressive hairstyles.

“I love Brigitte Bardot, I mean that's an obvious choice,” Jennifer said. “Or like, Tilda Swinton's hair. She always looks so gorgeous—her hair is like an art project.”

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