Jennifer Aniston: 'I want to move to Italy and get fat'

By admin
19 April 2013

Jennifer Aniston has joked she sometimes wishes she could "move to Italy, eat pasta and get fat".

Jennifer Aniston wants to "move to Italy, eat pasta and get fat".

The 44-year-old actress insisted she’ll never give up her acting career but when Good Morning America correspondent Nick Watt joked he might want to “quit TV, grow a beard and gain 200 pounds", Jennifer agreed.

She said, "I'm not gonna give up acting; I had too much fun being silly that way [but] I have those moments. I don't know about the grow-a-beard part but I could see, like, 'Let's just move to France or Italy and open up a little antique store.’

That sounds great. Eat pasta, get fat."

-Bang Showbiz

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