Jennifer Aniston: I'm not bullet proof!

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28 January 2015

Jennifer Aniston won't let her heart get "calloused".

The former Friends star is engaged to Justin Theroux and their relationship is often fodder for tabloids.

'We're human beings with feelings and emotions'

While it can be tough for the 45-year-old to see so many articles about her private life, she's not prepared to let them change who she is.

"You just keep learning how to get comfortable with that," she told Empire magazine when asked about how she deals with people thinking they know everything about her.

"It always does bump against you when you read something that is just horse sh*t or some sort of theory on this or that.

"We're human beings with feelings and emotions. I don't want my heart to ever get calloused or like an iron lung. I want it to stay soft and still have feelings. I could get a tough exterior and be bullet proof, but it's not worth what I would sacrifice just for those silly assumptions of who I am by people who don't know me."

Jennifer adds she finds it "bizarre" that so many people believe what they read and buy into the idea that they know everything about her.

Recently she's moved away from the rom-coms she's become synonymous with, instead trying her hand at drama with dark movie Cake. While she didn't get the Oscar nomination fans were crossing their fingers for, it has changed perceptions about her acting abilities.

For now Jennifer doesn't have much lined up and is just going to see what comes her way.

"Well, I'm not deliberately taking a break, but I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do," she admitted. "I have a couple of things that are up in the air and I really want to make sure it's the right thing now."

She added that she'd like to try her hand at directing and producing in the future.

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