Jennifer Aniston not a fan of 'The Rachel'

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16 May 2015

Jennifer Aniston found the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle “cringe-y”.

The 46-year-old actress sported one of the most famous haircuts of all time in the early seasons of hit sitcom Friends. But while women all over the world copied it, Jennifer has made no secret of her dislike of the do, and in a new chat with she revealed her reasons why.

“I was not a fan of the ‘Rachel.’ That was kind of cringe-y for me. Looking back—honestly, even during that time—I couldn’t do it on my own,” she said. “I needed [my hairstylist] Chris [McMillan] attached to my hip. Left to my own devices, I am not skilled with a hairbrush and blow-dryer."

'That was kind of cringe-y for me'

Now Jennifer sports longer, flowing locks and she admits they are what make her feel most like herself. As for make-up, she now goes for a sun-kissed glow most of the time, having made some beauty faux pas in the past.

“I got the goth look—black lipstick and white foundation—out of my system in the eighties,” she laughed. “That’s something I don’t do well now.”

As well as her own hair and make-up secrets, Jennifer also shared her favourite things about the opposite sex and their beauty regimes.

“My preferred look on a man: Clean-shaven. Scruffy is good, but you really have to wait until you get to the soft moment,” she said. “I always love a beautiful scar. I think they’re sexy.”

Her fiancé Justin Theroux has certainly sported stylish facial hair in the past, and Jennifer also revealed that as well as looking good, he’s quite the cook at home too.

“My stay-fit food: I’m good to go with a kale salad,” she added. “Actually, Justin makes a great one with a poached egg and quinoa. It’s really delicious."

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