Jennifer Aniston’s Leprechaun embarrassment

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23 November 2014

Jennifer Aniston has relived the “mortifying moment” when her fiancé discovered Leprechaun.

In the early stages of her career, the 45-year-old Cake actress took on a starring role in the 1993 horror movie, which centres an evil leprechaun who goes on a murderous rampage in search of his pot of gold. Jennifer is currently engaged to fellow Hollywood star Justin Theroux and when they first began dating in 2011, the movie came back to haunt her. “Actually, it was a mortifying moment when Justin and I had just started to date. He was flipping through the channels and he stumbled upon that [Leprechaun movie]. And that was our next two hours much to my embarrassment,” she recalled during an appearance on UK chat programme The Graham Norton Show.

‘It was a mortifying moment’

Jennifer is currently promoting her new comedy, Horrible Bosses 2.

While playing nymphomaniac Dr. Julia Harris in the picture, the actress didn’t feel embarrassed by the overt sexuality she depicted, until she came across a particularly foul line in the script.

“We verbally pushed the envelope, but there was one punch line I refused to say,” she shared. “It involved ‘gravy’ and ‘an undercarriage’ – I didn't understand it and it sounds wrong!”

Jennifer shot to international fame while playing Rachel Green in beloved sitcom Friends.

Since the show ended in 2004 there has been huge demand for a reunion, but the stunning star doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon.

“At this point I honestly think we should just wait until we are really much older and have Golden Friends,” she joked.

Jennifer’s full interview will be broadcast on the November 21 episode of The Graham Norton Show.

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