Jennifer Aniston's 'nesting' plans for 2015

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29 March 2014

Jennifer Aniston - who is engaged to Justin Theroux - is planning on taking a break and "nesting" in 2015.

Jennifer Aniston is going to be "nesting" in 2015. The Wanderlust star will to taking a break next year after completing her current films - Cake, Miss You Already and Horrible Bosses 2 - and be planning to finally marry her fiancé, Justin Theroux. She told People magazine: "There is a lot of work that is happening this year. I'm working and finishing tweaking little bits and pieces of my house [in Los Angeles]. So that's fun. I always love a little construction. I really do. It's exciting. But then its going to stop, and we're just going to live there. 2015 will be nesting, 100 per cent, I've got to take a break."

“2015 will be nesting, 100 per cent, I've got to take a break”

Jennifer has been renovating her property in Bel Air since buying it in 2012, with a huge overhaul taking place. Her relationship with Justin is also currently long distance, with him working in New York, while she works on movies in California.

She said: "Justin is working on the East Coast right now, and I'm working on [the West] coast. It's a real drag ... We're going to try and get a vacation in before we start the next project. It's [a lot of] going back and forth. But we have our house here and he has his apartment there."

-Bang Showbiz

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