Jennifer Lawrence is always nervous

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10 December 2013

Jennifer Lawrence is "always very nervous" but her anxiety stops her from getting a big head.

Jennifer Lawrence is "always very nervous". The Oscar-winning American Hustle star suffers from anxiety about how she’s perceived which she says help stop her from ever getting a big head.

'I never get a big head; I just get more and more anxious.'

She told E! news, "I'm always just very nervous. I never feel like 'I've got this'. I'm always very nervous and aware of how quickly people can hate you and that scares me.

"I never feel like I'm on top of it or I know what I'm doing . . . so, no. I never get a big head; I just get more and more anxious."

American Hustle is set in 1970s New York and New Jersey and the cast wore costumes typical of the time, which meant going bra-less for Jennifer, which she wasn’t altogether pleased about.

She told MTV, "I normally wear bras. I wouldn't say that it's ever exciting to see yourself without a bra in a dress that's three sizes too small for you. It was . . . freeing."

Christian Bale, Jennifer's co-star in the movie, said he enjoyed working with her, as she’s feisty and also because she swears a lot.

He said, "She loves nothing more than a good fight. She's up for it. She's a tough cookie. And she talks like a sailor, so I enjoy those conversations with her."

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