Jennifer Lopez is at the top of her game

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20 April 2011

She started covering up her grey at 23, works hard to stay in shape and sticks to her skincare regime as if her life depends on it. But Jennifer Lopez has never looked lovelier.

That was confirmed recently when America’s People magazine named her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in its annual poll of the globe’s most fabulous faces.

She beat Halle BerryJennifer Garner andBeyoncé Knowles to the top spot.

“I feel happy and proud – proud that I’m not 25,” the 41-year-old mom of twins said about the accolade. “High-definition widescreen TV is nobody’s friend!”

Yet Jennifer certainly looks good on all makes of TV as a judge on American Idol (currently on M-Net at 5 pm on Saturdays).

She has silenced critics who thought she was a poor replacement for acid-tongued Simon Cowell. Viewer numbers up by six per cent to 24,2 million an episode.

“She brings star quality to the line-up,” one US columnist says. “She’s taken over Simon’s role; she knows what she’s talking about.”

Jennifer has gone from a star with a reputation for being a diva – her backstage demands at concerts are legend – to being a caring, loving mentor for Idol contestants.

“She’s the heart of the show and sincere,” Fox TV’s reality chief Mark Darnell says.

With Max and Emme (3) now out of babyhood she has a new hit single, On the Floor, and is preparing to release her latest album, Love? – her seventh – this winter.

After a string of failed relationships with the likes of P Diddy and Ben Affleck and two broken marriages she has been married to singer Marc Anthony for seven years.

The pair fight hard and love hard, friends say.

“They both have Latin blood coursing through their veins,” one adds.

Jennifer was reportedly furious with Marc (also 41) when he was recently hit with a tax bill of $3,4 million (R23,8 million), which followed a $2,5-million (R17,5 million) demand for unpaid taxes in 2007. Sources say Jennifer is “going to be controlling the family coffers from now on”.

Jen’s happiest at home with her son and daughter.

“I like getting glammed up for TV but just being a mother is what I love. Just being able to touch my face and rub my eyes and put my fingers in my hair and not worry about messing it up. That’s great.”

Read the full article in YOU, 28 April 2011.

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