Jennifer Lopez: My son is love of my life

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17 January 2014

Jennifer Lopez has declared that her five-year-old son Max is the "love of my life" after he wrote her a touching handwritten note saying he would love her "beyond forever".

Jennifer Lopez says her son Max is the "love of her life" after he wrote her an adorable love note.

The American Idol judge was reduced to tears after finding a handwritten note from the five-year-old tot - who has a twin sister, Emme - on her bed after returning home from a hard day's work recently.

Jennifer (44) shared a picture of the loving message on her Instagram last week, which read, "I'll luv you beyond forever mom (sic)".

Gushing about her son's thoughtful gesture, the actress-and-singer said on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' yesterday, "It just made my whole life. I'll cry right now. Stop it! Oh my God.

Beyond forever' ... that's the line, that's it. You know, I came home, and it was on my bed and then I opened it and just left it there. It was in a big manila envelope, a yellow envelope, and it said, 'To mom, from Max.' And I opened it, and I was like, 'Oh my God.' "

The On the Floor hitmaker - who is currently dating backup dancer Casper Smart and has previously been married three times to Ojani Noa, Criss Judd and Max and Emme's father Marc Anthony - went on to declare that her little man is her true love in life.

Jennifer raved, "My son, that's the love of my life right there!"

The brunette beauty's fellow Idol judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban joined her on Ellen and Harry (46) admitted he is particularly envious of Jennifer's idealistic home life.

He said, "That's amazing. I get notes from my kids but it's like, 'I'll love you as long as you want if you give me a hundred dollars.' All this 'beyond forever' stuff - you live in some kind of fantasy world, Jennifer Lopez!"

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