Jennifer Love Hewitt says no to nannies

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31 May 2015

Jennifer Love Hewitt “didn’t have a nanny” to help look after her little girl.

The actress has 18-month-old daughter Autumn James with husband Brian Hallisay. The couple are also expecting their second child, announcing Jennifer’s pregnancy in January, but even when there’s two little ones to look after, the pair will approach it in the same way.

“We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny,” Jennifer told People Magazine. “We haven’t ever had any of that stuff. It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves.”

'It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves'

The 36-year-old thinks the key to being able to juggle her acting career with motherhood has been to prioritise. And since becoming a mom, Jennifer has realised how little the things that she cared about before matter in the bigger picture.

“I think you just realise how unimportant stuff is,” she said. “Everything before you have kids is oh-so important and then you have kids and you’re like, ‘That really doesn’t mean anything. My kid is healthy, there’s no sniffles, they’re sleeping, life is good!’ It really puts that into perspective.”

Jennifer married her The Client List co-star in late 2013 after getting together in March 2012. The family are now getting excited to welcome their second child next month.

“I’m really curious to see how similar [the two kids] will be,” she confessed. “And I’m looking forward to having two little tiny people to snuggle with! It’s just my favourite thing ever.”

While the star hasn’t revealed the sex of their unborn baby, she admitted to the publication that her 36-year-old spouse is betting on an all-female household.

“He’s of the mindset that he’s going to have all girls. That’s what he’s preparing for and he’s very close with his mom and sister so he’s fine with that,” she added.

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