Jermaine Jackson could face jail over child support

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23 October 2013

Singer could be jailed for falling behind on child support payments

Jermaine Jackson could be jailed for falling further behind on his child support payments.

The Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department has filed court documents asking a judge to hold the 58-year-old singer in contempt, which could put him behind bars for 20 days.

According to legal papers obtained by gossip website, the fourth oldest Jackson sibling is required to give his ex-partner Alejandra Oaziaza $3 000 (R30 000) a month to care for their two youngest sons, Jermajesty (13) and Jaafar (17), but he allegedly hasn’t paid her in several months. Their older adopted son, Donte, is 21.

Of the $12 000 (R120 000) he owed in back payments he’s recently paid her only $85 (R850).

Jermaine, who has nine children, previously fell $90 000 (R900 000) behind in his child support payments in 2011 but eventually settled that dispute with Alejandra and paid her $80 000 (R800 000) instead.

It was also previously revealed he owed her $33 000 (R330 000) in May after failing to meet his child support obligation from April 2012 to April 2013.

Earlier this month Jermaine bought a Ferrari for $160 000 (R1,6 million) and dismissed reports suggesting his mother, Katherine Jackson (83), was furious about his lavish purchase, as she allegedly had to bail him out of debt recently.

He said, “My mother isn’t upset.” Bang! Showbizz Share your thoughts:

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