Jessica Alba's bizarre anti-ageing treatment

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04 September 2014

Jessica Alba resembled a cyborg from the future during a recent spa treatment.

The 34-year-old Sin City: A Dame to Kill For actress is in the know about a number of cutting-edge beauty products, as she co-owns The Honest Company, a business which sells non-toxic household products.

Jessica used her skills to discover a brand new anti-aging treatment called LED light therapy, which involves wearing a mask that looks like a robot’s face.

'It's fabulous for inflammation and controlling the sebaceous glands'
She shared a picture of her with the contraption on via Instagram earlier this week, writing in the caption: “Emergency session w @shanidarden before work today (sic)”.

Emergency session w @shanidarden before work today

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

The stunning star added a screaming emoji to the message, which seems to indicate she is aware of how terrifying the mask looks.

However, despite the futuristic terror that the contraption might produce in some onlookers, the machine does wonders for the skin.

Jessica was wearing a Deesse Opera mask designed by GTG Korea, a unit that sells for about $3,000 (R41 000).

The machine delivers light therapy which sees red light waves blasting wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin while the blue light rays slays the bacteria which causes acne. A third light wave that is part of each mask, which is near infrared, helps heal scars.

Celebrity skincare specialist Georgia Louise recently raved about her high-tech Deesse system, but warns it is better to have a professional provide LED light therapy, as doing it at home could cause complications.

"You have to give instructions on how to use it—you don't want to overdose on light therapy. It's a professional-strength mask, and it's not something to be bought lightly and abused," she told America’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine. "But for anyone who wants to prolong healthy looking skin without invasive surgeries, it's a phenomenal tool. It's fabulous for inflammation and controlling the sebaceous glands. [It’s] life-changing. Linda Evangelista was the first client to buy it, then makeup artist Gucci Westman got one, and it just snowballed."

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