Jessica Biel: Being a mother is amazing… but so hard

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05 October 2015

Jessica Biel wants to thank her mother because she has realised how tough parenthood actually is.

The 33-year-old actress welcomed son Silas, her first child with husband Justin Timberlake, into the world in April.

While she is enjoying the experience of being a mother, she admits she had no idea just how difficult starting a family would be.

'It's an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever'

“He's [Silas] wonderful. He's just a joy,” Jessica said during an interview on Today on Friday. “It's an amazing, amazing experience."

“It's incredibly hard, the hardest job in the world, and I've never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. Oh, my gosh, I'm going to call her right after this actually and just thank her.

“What you have to do for your kid — it's an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever."

As one of the world’s most famous couples, Justin and Jessica both have incredibly busy schedules.

However, Jessica also revealed that when it comes to their son, Justin is more than a little hands on with his parenting method.

“He is doing it all,” Jessica added. “He is in there, deep."

Jessica certainly has a lot on her plate as she is also using her fame to raise awareness of reproductive issues among women.

She is doing so by starring in hilarious and explicit PSAs, but thinks humour is a vital ingredient in how the issues are dealt with.

"We don't want women's reproductive health issues to be hidden under stigma or taboos anymore,” she said. “And how [better] to reach all demographics? Can we please laugh about this crazy stuff that happens to us?"

Jessica also has a lot of help on the childminding front thanks to Justin’s mother Lynn Harless.

It was recently claimed Lynn is completely enamoured with her grandson, and is on hand to help wherever she can.

"Lynn jokes she wants Silas all to herself!" a source told Us Weekly magazine.

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