Jessica Simpson’s son flies high

By Lara Atson
25 September 2014

Good grief! What if the child falls? That’s the first thought that went through our minds when we saw this picture on the Instagram profile of Jessica Simpson (34).

In it her husband, Eric Johnson, is throwing their 14-month-old son, Ace, in the air while they’re frolicking in a swimming pool.

Jessica shared the picture and said, “I was on a plane to NYC today and I missed out on this!!! I'm in LOVE with the 2 of them. #boyswillbeboys”.

The couple were criticised in April over a similar picture in which Eric (35) threw their two-year-old daughter, Maxwell, in the air while walking on a beach. Eric is a former American football player and his catches were spot on. Nevertheless the latest picture of him with Ace has drawn comments. “Just a little high,” one of Jessica’s fans said on Instagram. “If that was my baby I would faint!!! Lol.” Another fan couldn’t see what the fuss was about. “I don’t see the big deal. Kid looks like he’s loving it.”

One thing is certain; Jessica and Eric don’t care what others think. We reckon Eric should leave the children alone and throw a football around instead. That’s much safer.


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