Jessie J: Music should push boundaries

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15 August 2014

Jessie J is an "inside-out" artist.

Jessie J is an "inside-out" artist. The 26-year-old entered the industry with her debut single Do It Like a Dude in 2010 and has gone on to find international fame with her albums Who You Are and Alive. Her star status may bring her opportunities which were out of reach beforehand, but Jessie insists she won't change for others now she's in the spotlight and continues to stay true to herself. “There are two kinds of artists out there: the artist who pulls from the inside out, and the artist who pulls from the outside in. I’d like to say that I’m the inside-out type. I do this because I love it, and not for any other reason. I love music," she explained to Refinery29.

‘I feel like artists are experimenting’

"I love to sing, I love to write, I love to perform. And, there are people who do it for the wrong reasons, and those songs always suffer. I feel like pop’s taken a really good turn at the moment; I feel like artists are experimenting. That’s what music should be about: pushing boundaries."

Jessie continued to cite one artist whose work she thinks highly of. When quizzed on what she thinks about Lady Gaga recording a jazz album the British pop star couldn't contain her excitement and dream to collaborate with her.

The Bad Romance songstress is teaming up with legendary musician Tony Bennett for a record titled Cheek to Cheek.

“Hello! Because she can. I’m so excited about that. I’ve seen her live a few times, and every time she does the jazz solo, just her and her voice and the piano..." Jessie smiled.

“I’d love to work with her just to see how she thinks. To have that much independence and confidence [about being] so far away from the normality of what people expect; it's very dreamy. It’s really interesting and admirable. I’d love to just have a conversation with her and see what goes through her head.”

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