Jessie J wants you to chat her up!

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19 October 2014

Jessie J likes men with the confidence to chat her up.

Jessie J likes men with the confidence to chat her up. The 26-year-old star is currently busy promoting her upcoming album Sweet Talker, which is due out on October 13. And she’s opened up about the inspiration behind the title track, which is all being hit on.

'I like guys who have the confidence to chat me up'

“I like guys who have the confidence to chat me up,” she grinned to German magazine Bravo.

She added that girls with high self-esteem can have “any boy they want”.

Her current hit track Bang Bang, a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, certainly oozes confidence, but it’s not all happy tracks on her new record. There’s also Your Loss I’m Found, a bonus track about a breakup.

“At the beginning of the year, my heart was broken for the first time,” she admitted.

“I cried while recording that song, because it’s about someone I really loved.

“People always expect the Jessie J that’s happy and smiling, but I have to cry sometimes.”

The star now feels back to her old self and really wants to make an impression with her new songs.

Jessie recently revealed that fans can expect to empathise with the emotions she conveys on Sweet Talker.

"Being confident as a woman, going through a breakup, falling in love, being sad, being angry. All of those things that you go through as a woman are on the album," Jessie explained to British newspaper Metro.

"The breakup song is not teary. It's everything I was feeling at the time. You know; there's two kinds of anger. A soft one where you want someone to shout at you and they don't and instead they go, 'No, it's fine. You can leave.' And you're like, 'Say something else!' It's that kind of heartbreak."

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