Jessie J's little lucky charm

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18 November 2014

Jessie J carries a mood ring around with her for good luck.

Jessie J carries a mood ring around with her for good luck. The British singer was given the piece of jewellery by her mum Rose, who thought Jessie would find it funny. It now serves as a lucky charm and is kept in her bag at all times.

'It’s my little lucky charm!'

“My mum gave me a mood ring for my birthday last year as a joke and I’ve had it in my bag ever since. It’s my little lucky charm!" Jessie told the US edition of OK! magazine.

The raven-haired star emptied the contents of her YSL purse for the publication, showing what she carries around with her on a daily basis.

Admitting she swears by her Dior Hydra Life mask, the 26-year-old also likes to keep hand cream on her. She makes sure there's always loose change in her bag as well.

“In case I ever need to park anywhere, I have a coin purse with, like, R695 (£40). It’s really heavy. But if there were a day when I needed that much change, I’d kick myself if I didn’t have it," she laughed.

“I’m like a mum without the kids. I carry antihistamine, tissues, peppermint tea and Dioralyte [rehydration salts]. It’s really good for jet lag because it replaces your electrolytes."

As an international pop star, Jessie is constantly making calls, so can't be too far from her phone. She's also loved up with new beau Luke James, so likes to stay in touch with him.

“I had a gold iPhone 5s but I smashed the screen, so I just got the 6 Plus. I break my phone every year. It’s like it knows: ‘Upgrade me!’" she smiled.

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