Jim Carrey 'does the Grinch' for his grandson

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19 December 2014

Jim Carrey "constantly" has to do the face from The Grinch for his grandson.

Jim Carrey "constantly" has to do the face from The Grinch for his grandson. The 52-year-old actor starred in the 2000 Dr Seuss film in the title role. But he continues to enjoy the movie thanks to his four-year-old grandson Jackson.

'He makes me do the face constantly, a lot of that'

"My favourite Christmas movie? Oh gosh, the Bible Story?" he joked to ITV breakfast show Daybreak. "Selfishly I love The Grinch, because I just introduced it to my grandson and now he just looks at me through the corner of his eye and just goes, 'Grandpa you're the Grinch, you're the Grinch Grandpa.' He makes me do the face constantly, a lot of that."

Jim has enjoyed a hugely successful career since being propelled to superstardom by the likes of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask. But it's comedy Dumb and Dumber that he has chosen to revisit, with the sequel Dumb and Dumber To being released 20 years after the original. However, the funnyman admits it isn't something he would normally do.

"I don't really think about doing sequels, I'm not nuts about going over the same territory over and over and so I like to spend time doing new things," he explained. "[But] after about ten years I saw it and I was being badgered constantly by the fans, quite honestly everywhere I went it was like, 'I like her a lot,' [a quote from the movie] kind of thing."

"When I started to realise how important a movie it was to people and how they really came together over it, they knew every single line, and I went, well they're probably satiated at this point. But I saw it one night and thought to myself, there's a lot of negative stuff going on in the world maybe the world needs these two."

Despite being a lot older than he was the first time round, Jim - who stars alongside Jeff Daniels in the flicks - still enjoys all the crazy stunts that are required for his films.

"I love it, I try to stay in good shape and I'm still malleable, I still have a little flexibility to me and I still have a desire to do insane things so that is right up my alley," he smiled.

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