JK Rowling unveils FOUR new Wizarding Schools – one of which is in Africa

By Kirstin Buick
30 January 2016

Harry Potter fans the world over are in raptures over the latest big reveal from JK Rowling's interactive reading website, Pottermore.

At the Celebration of Harry Potter event at the Universal Orlando Resort, Florida last night, Pottermore announced that they would begin publishing new information written by the Harry Potter author about the 11 Wizarding World schools around the world -- and revealed fascinating information about three of them.

Actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the films, revealed the name of the North American School, Ilvermorny.

The other schools are Castelobruxo in Brazil, Mahoutokoro in Japan and Uagadou in Africa.

The Pottermore site, which frequently releases interesting extras on the magical realm created by Rowling, has published pages on all four.

Call us biased, but we think the African school -- the only address for which is given as "Mountains of the Moon" -- is by far the most intriguing.

African students at Uagadou [Wag-a-doo] don't even need wands to cast spells. PHOTO: Pottermore African students at Uagadou [Wag-a-doo] don't even need wands to cast spells. PHOTO: PottermoreWhile Brazilian witches and wizards are particularly skilled at Herbology (essentially magical horticulture) and Magizoology (the study of magical creatures), and Japanese students wear enchanted robes that change colour as they learn, African students at Uagadou [Wag-a-doo] don't even need wands to cast spells.

"Many spells are cast simply by pointing the finger or through hand gestures," Rowling writes of the school on Pottermore.

"This gives Uagadou students a sturdy line of defence when accused of breaking the International Statute of Secrecy ('I was only waving, I never meant his chin to fall off')."

Judging by the map, Uagadou seems to be somewhere in central Africa, perhaps in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Another fascinating fact about the "school with the enviable international reputation" -- instead of owls like little witches and wizards in the UK, students from all over the African continent are notified that they have been admitted to Uagadou by Dream Messengers, sent by the headmaster or headmistress of the day.

"The Dream Messenger will appear to the children as they sleep and will leave a token, usually an inscribed stone, which is found in the child’s hand on waking. No other school employs this method of pupil selection."

You can read more about Uagadou here.

For more information on the various schools, click the links below.

Ilvermorny       Castelobruxo      Mahoutokoro

Sources: Pottermore.com, hypable.com

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