Joe Manganiello: I knew Sofia was ‘The One’

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01 July 2015

Joe Manganiello knew right away that he wanted to marry Sofia Vergara.

Joe Manganiello knew right away that he wanted to marry Sofia Vergara.

The former True Blood actor proposed to his Modern Family girlfriend after just six months of dating on Christmas Eve last year. But the 38-year-old wasn’t remotely concerned about the whirlwind nature of their relationship, and followed his gut instinct to get down on bended knee.

“She had just gotten out of a relationship and I knew that she wanted to be single, but we knew right away, and she knew she was screwed [when she met me],” he told Haute Living Magazine. “Our first date was in June, and then I proposed to her on Christmas Eve; [we dated for] about six months. When you know, you know, and we knew right away - like, very quickly.”

'When you know, you know'

Despite their closeness, Joe says the couple have no plans of sharing the screen like other famous couples. Sofia (42) used the 2003 box office bomb Gigli, which starred lovebirds at that time Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, as an example of how wrong it could go for them.

“Her fear is that we’d make the next Gigli,” he laughed. “I gave her the script and was like ‘Please read this. It's such a good part for you and it’s amazing for me,' and she said, ‘No, I’m not going to make Gigli.’”

One thing the pair could be making however is a baby. Joe has made no secret of his desire to have children, and is hopeful that his future spouse will come round to the idea, even though she already has a teenage son from her first marriage.

“I have always wanted to be a dad; I've always wanted kids. I've always been open about that,” he said. “I don’t know what [our] kid's going to be like. Male or female, he or she could be a professional basketball player.”

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