Johannesburg school says no to cupcakes for Klara’s classmates

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26 November 2015

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg has said no to cupcakes for Klara Gottert’s birthday celebration.

This comes after Liesl Gottert, whose 14-year-old daughter Klara jumped to her death from the roof of the Northgate Shopping centre in Johannesburg in August, requested to celebrate her daughter’s birthday on Friday by taking cupcakes to the school.

'What we wanted to do was just to make sure that we raise awareness'

According to Gottert, the cupcakes were meant to “spread the sunshine” and help “create awareness” around suicide.

“I also wanted to thank her friends and the school for attending her funeral,” Gottert told News24.

However, to her dismay, the school declined to be part of the celebration.

In an email sent to Gottert, the school said, “The unanimous view of the experts is that one should avoid the glorification of the victim… to prevent imitations.”

Shocked by response

Gottert said she was shocked by their response.

“This is actually an important issue; we don’t understand why the principal would say he doesn’t want to glorify the victims of the suicide. What we wanted to do was just to make sure that we raise awareness and also educate other pupils about suicide,” she said.

Gottert said she has cancelled the cupcakes idea.

“We have decided to have supper at home; her [Klara] friends and their families will come to the house and bring flowers. We will then dedicate the night to talking about Klara.

Asked for comment, the school told News24 it should send an email and it would be able to respond by Friday.

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