John and Chrissy talk worst date

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28 January 2015

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's worst ever date would be a restaurant with live music.

The loved up couple tied the knot in 2013 after six years of dating and recently teamed up for the latest issue of America's GQ magazine, striking a range of seductive poses for their photoshoot.

'We both hate that but I think she hates that even more than I do'

In some behind-the-scenes videos they were asked to divulge secrets about their love life and share what a nightmare night out would be for them.

"Let's see, a bad date. Well first of all neither of us like live music when we're eating," John laughed. "So, the worst date for Chris would be loud live music right in front of us while we're trying to have dinner. We both hate that but I think she hates that even more than I do."

Chrissy agreed with her husband and revealed she'd take him to karaoke for a bad date. Despite being a musician John isn't a fan of singing when he doesn't have to, and he steers clear of joining his former a cappella pals when they head out to a karaoke bar.

The couple also took part in a game called Cute or Stupid, where the interviewer asked them to give their opinion on certain things like couples' massages, to which they both responded 'cute'.

However, their views were divided when it came to matching outfits on children. Chrissy finds them stupid, but John had to disagree having sported some as a youngster.

"Yes, me and my brother used to have matching outfits, they made them themselves, my dad and my mom," he smiled.

Some of the snaps in their magazine spread include the model in the bath blowing bubbles while John watches in amusement, while in another they are both reclining on a bed with the singer resting a rose on his wife's stomach.

They hold the same outlook about most things in life, such as helping their community. An example of this is when they helped protesters in New York last December by sending food out to them as they hit the streets.

"That was Chrissy's idea," John grinned. "Originally we were thinking about buying out a restaurant, but we realised we should bring the food to them."

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