John Cleese's relationship advice

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11 December 2014

John Cleese has been married four times - he probably knows what he's talking about.

John Cleese thinks “kindness” makes a gentleman. The Monty Python actor has been divorced three times and is currently married to his fourth wife, British jewellery designer Jennifer Wade. Over the years, the 75-year-old has learnt a lot about relationships and is now able to impart some words of wisdom to his younger male fans.

'They're going to find out who you are anyway so don't waste a few months pretending'

“It's very simple, be yourself. They're going to find out who you are anyway so don't waste a few months pretending you're somebody different. It's wasted time, if they then find out who you really are and then dump you, you've wasted time,” he told the British edition of GQ.

“People find out fairly early on, so be honest early on. We can all be slightly manipulative if we're attracted to someone but within that context be as honest and open as you can.”

John is known for being well spoken almost as much as his great humour. He thinks it’s important for men to be gentlemanly towards the opposite sex, and he revealed it doesn’t take much to achieve.

“Kindness. There was once a story about a gentleman who was hosting a lunch party and somebody took their jacket off and put it on the back of a chair and he said ‘a gentleman would not do that’ and I thought a gentleman would not point that out. That illustrates it,” he said.

John shares many of his musings on his personal life and his career in his new autobiography, So, Anyway. There have been many highlights for the star in both aspects, but two things in particular stand out.

“I think I've been in two very good films, Life Of Brian and A Fish Called Wanda, I think to make a really good, consistently funny comedy is one of the hardest things,” he confessed. “If you start trying to think of them you can't come up with them so I would claim those are two very good comedies.”

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