John Legend: Chrissy’s cooking makes me fat!

By admin
23 May 2015

John Legend piles on weight when he eats his wife Chrissy Teigen’s home-cooked meals.

The supermodel is currently working on developing her very first recipe book.

And John admits that while Chrissy works on the perfect dishes for the tome, he is having to loosen his belt buckle due to his rapidly expanding waist.

'Sometimes I need to travel so I can lose weight'

“When she’s working on it and I’m home, I gain 5 lbs guaranteed,” John told “So, I’m like, sometimes I need to travel so I can lose weight!”

As a model, Chrissy has to watch what she eats. But John admitted that one of his spouse’s favourite creations is a calorific buffalo chicken dip.

“It’s kind of like when people do those artichoke dips but it’s got buffalo chicken and cheese and all these other things in it, too,” he said. “It’s really, really delicious. Chrissy is obviously a great cook.”

Chrissy has achieved a huge fanbase through the recipes on her blog But after being given a deal to create her own recipe book, she has worked to make it different from her blog.

“For the book, it’s mostly, like, our household staples, the things I love to make for John, things I love cooking for our friends for Super Bowl Sunday, things for girls' nights, which I have all the time,” Chrissy told earlier this month. “I maybe have a chef come in and teach us how to make something. It’s really stuff that we truly love to eat — everything in the book is stuff we have once or twice a month, so it’s tried and true.”

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