John Legend on his marriage and distance

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28 March 2015

John Legend knows that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The singer married Chrissy Teigen in 2013 but with both of their high flying careers, the couple often spend a lot of time apart.

However, not being with each other 24 hours a day is no problem for John.

'We've never been together all the time'

"We've never been together all the time. So we're used to a few days apart, a few days together, and it kind of actually makes it more exciting when you see each other, because that little distance away gives you a little more excitement to be together next time you see each other," John told the American edition of Esquire. "I think it's actually been a pretty good rhythm for our relationship.

"We text, talk, video chat, the whole nine. Whatever we need to do to see each other or talk to each other."

That's not to say John doesn't miss Chrissy when he's on the road. He also yearns for their dogs and his neighbourhood when he's not home, especially because he barely gets to explore new locations.

"I just end up being tired and needing to rest a lot. You're singing five nights a week and it takes its toll on your voice and your body. You need to make sure you preserve yourself for those two hours when you're on stage and give people the best show you can," he said.

Touring used to be a lot more wild for the 36-year-old, but since getting married John toned down the partying.

He got with Chrissy quite soon after breaking into the industry, but did still have some time as a bachelor.

"Well, once you're off the market, touring is different," John laughed to Details magazine. "I've been off the market since before I got married but the early part of touring was going out, chasing girls, doing all of that, but once you retire from that game, it's much more mellow."

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