John Legend starring in animated virtual reality series

15 April 2017

The All of Me singer will voice the titular character in Rainbow Crow.

John Legend is expanding his resume by executive producing and voicing a character in a new virtual reality series.

The All of Me singer will voice the titular character in Rainbow Crow, a series about a bird with an impressive plumage, who is tasked with bringing light back to a cold, dark world. The series is being directed by Eric Darnell.

Rainbow Crow, which will reportedly include original music from Legend, was inspired by Lenape Indian folklore and centres on themes including "diversity, self-acceptance and sacrifice."

"Rainbow Crow brings storytelling and music together in a way no one else has yet in virtual reality," Legend says. "It's an incredible medium for inspiring a journey of self-discovery and finding your way in times of darkness. In light of what's going on in today's world, it's a message of deep meaning that people from all walks of life can embrace."

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Kiowa-Caddo tribal elder Randy Edmonds will narrate the series and the first episode will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month. In addition to being broadcast using virtual reality technology, the series will also feature interactive elements. Viewers will be able to watch the series on a variety of virtual reality headsets.

"A lot of the attraction to the project was being involved with a new technology that's just emerging as a new medium for creative talent," the singer adds.

It is unclear how many episodes of the show will run, but the finished product will be as long as a film.

Meanwhile, John is also producing TV series Underground, which centres on American slaves and abolitionists lives before the Civil War. He is also heading out on the road in June for a tour to support his new album Darkness and Light. And he hopes the show can serve as an escape from reality for his fans.

"I think about all of what's going on in the world," he says. "I also know that people want a night full of love and human connection, so I want the show to be inspiring and positive for people."

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