Jokes aside, we’re married!

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01 October 2010

Shortly before 2 pm the beautiful stone chapel is packed with guests. Outside a soft drizzle provides atmosphere and inside the groom looks decidedly uncomfortable.

Darren Simpson – better known to radio listeners as funnyman and prankster Whackhead – is sweating. The wedding should have begun almost half an hour ago and there’s still no sign of his bride or the minister at the small chapel in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal.

As the tension starts to feel unbearable the minister, Clive Jacobson, arrives. And shortly afterwards the bride, Samantha Teixeira (24), walks through the door to loud applause.

Darren (33) and Samantha live in Johannesburg and decided to get married at the seaside. After all, that’s where it all began - in December 2007, just after midnight in a smoky nightclub in Ballito where both were on holiday.

“At that stage neither of us was looking for a partner or a relationship but from the moment I laid eyes on her I was drawn to her like a magnet,” Darren says.

“We talked right through the night. And I knew I wanted to see this girl again.”

Three years later they’re inseparable, Samantha says, and the proposal in February was memorable.

It began with a dinner invitation and Darren saying she should dress smartly because they were going somewhere fancy. “I found that odd because we usually eat out at small, intimate, informal restaurants,” she says.

Imagine her surprise when he drove up to Johannesburg’s imposing Westcliff Hotel. She was more taken aback to find The Parlotones, one of her favourite bands, sitting at the table next to them. More surprises were in store.

Halfway through the evening Darren sent an SMS to lead singer Kahn Morbee and the next thing The Parlotones produced their guitars, until then hidden under the table.

“And right there, in the restaurant, they sang the song Beautiful to me. It was incredible! There were tears in my eyes,” Samantha says. Then Darren knelt down to ask the big question.

“My wife! Hell, that sounds good!” Darren says over and over at the wedding reception at The Oyster Box, Umhlanga Rocks. He can’t take his eyes off Samantha.

Behind him and Samantha the big hotel windows have a view of the dark ocean. In the distance two brightly lit ships cruise by. The lighthouse sends its beams into the night to warn ships of the rocky coastline.

“The wedding boat is the greatest adventure on your journey together through life,” Jacobson said at the service. Whackhead and Samantha’s journey began in the most beautiful way.

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