Jon Bon Jovi pulled off the ultimate surprise for a fan with cancer after seeing this Facebook post

By admin
02 July 2016

It had always been Carol Cesario’s dream to meet Jon Bon Jovi.

Determined to make it come it true, her daughter, Rosie Skripkunis, posted photos of Carol, who has been diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, to Facebook roughly a month ago while she was in hospital.

In the post she explains that her sick mother has raised four children and that’s why she wants to help make her mother’s lifelong dream a reality.

"Since the 80s she has loved him. I remember dancing around our home when I was little to Bon Jovi with her and when I was older rocking out in the car with her on our way to the beach,” she wrote.

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She asked that all her Facebook friends share the picture with as many people as possible.

It worked! Jon’s team saw the post and told the star about it. They made contact with Rosie via social media and began to organise the meeting at his restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, in Toms River, New Jersey.

Here guests can pay for a meal by making a donation for meals for the homeless or by working in the kitchen. Jon Bon Jovi is well known for his philanthropic work. In 2014 he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and delivered a pizza to his “biggest fan”.

Rosie made sure that his visit to her mom would be just as big a surprise. “I lied to her,” admits Rosie. “I told her I wrote to his restaurant, that they said they couldn’t pass fan mail on, but they had invited us for a free meal. It was a free meal, but it was a free meal with Bon Jovi there.” This past Saturday Jon slipped into the restaurant with a signed book about the rock group and a guitar which was signed: “To Carol. Keep Smiling.” When her hero was just a few centimetres away from her, Carol, who has been in out of hospital for the past few months, couldn’t get out anything other than: “Oh my God”.

He spent an hour with her and her family at the restaurant.

“She has been randomly crying since it happened. I think she’s still in shock,” says Rosie.

“She’s been sleeping with the book,” adds Rosie. “Hanging out with Jon was amazing. He was so down-to-earth and sweet to our whole family, and especially to our mom.”


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