Jon Cryer: Charlie recommended a prostitute

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19 March 2015

Jon Cryer hired a prostitute following a suggestion from Charlie Sheen.

The 49-year-old starred alongside the Platoon actor in Two and a Half Men for eight seasons until Charlie was dismissed in 2011. Now Jon has an autobiography coming out, So That Happened, in which he lifts the lid on his time with his 49-year-old co-star, including when he helped him find a hooker.

“I was in a bad state right after my divorce, and I certainly didn’t feel dateable. I was an emotional basket case,” he revealed in an excerpt released on Wednesday. “What good was I to any woman I might have interest in? I decided I might as well pay someone for company and certain intimate pleasures so that I could at least get my equilibrium back with the opposite sex. Charlie suggested a few online purveyors he used, as this was when prostitution was gaining a foothold on the Internet.”

'I was in a bad state right after my divorce'

Jon was married to British actress Sarah Trigger for five years before they divorced in 2004. He wed second wife Lisa Joyner in 2007.

Meanwhile Charlie has walked down the aisle three times, most notably to actress Denise Richards who he had two daughters with. In his book, Jon recalls an incident when Charlie needed him to hide some of his belongings from her.

“One day during the first season of Two and a Half Men, I got a knock on my trailer door. It was Charlie — my trailer was next to his — and he seemed panicked. ‘Dude! Dude! I need your help’” he wrote. “‘Sure thing,’ I said and ended the cellphone call I was on. ‘What’s going on?’ He handed me a heavy shopping bag. ‘Denise is coming over,’ he said, ‘And I need you to hide something for me.’ Oh, boy, I thought. If this is drug paraphernalia…The bag was filled to the brim with porn.”

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