Josh Duhamel: A girl would be tough!

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21 February 2015

Josh Duhamel would like another baby “in the next year or two”.

The Transformers actor is father to one-year-old son Axl with wife Fergie.

And Josh revealed in a new interview that he is keen to extend his family further in the near future.

'It isn't always easy – especially for the mother'

"I'd love to have more children, hopefully in the next year or two," Josh said during a chat on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday.

But Josh added that he’d be nervous about adding to his family with a little girl.

Having with three sisters means that Josh knows all about the difficulties of growing up surrounded by women.

“My sisters taught me that I would be really happy to have another son," Josh said. "Girls are great. I would be totally happy to have a girl, but… they get to be those teenage years and want independence, you know? It isn't always easy – especially for the mother."

Josh also opened up about the secrets behind his and Fergie’s happy marriage.

The pair have been together for eleven years, and married for six, and appear to be stronger than ever.

Asked what their secret is, Josh replied: “I would say it's working because we have a lot of fun. I genuinely like her! She likes me, you know?”

"I'm nobody to give advice on relationships, but for whatever reason, we just really like each other."

The cute trio are often spotted out together, with Axl getting bigger and bigger each time he's photographed.

For the couple, the key to parenting is said to be "laughing a lot" and trusting their instincts when it comes to what's best for their son.

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