Josh Groban: I thought I was doomed

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20 April 2015

Josh Groban once got caught in a "storm vortex".

The American singer travels a lot for work and has enjoyed tours that have taken him all over the world. While he's always keen to explore, it doesn't mean the 34-year-old is completely fearless in the face of danger.

"I remember when I was flying into New York once and we flew right into a storm cell, a storm vortex as they called it - it sounds like sudden death," he recalled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

'It sounds like sudden death'

"The flight attendants were going, 'Well, we're going into a storm vortex so please buckle your seatbelts.' This was the worst turbulence I've ever experienced and I've been on hundreds of flights - it was just awful. The plane was pitching up and down and things were hitting the ceiling, so it was like, are we doomed?!"

It's no surprise Josh now likes to listen to calming music when he travels, listing the classical genre among his favourites. He even joked that in the next vortex he'd put on Gustav Holst's dramatic The Planets - Mars, The Bringer of War.

Josh's Summer Symphony Tour ended last year, but even when he has time off, the star likes to go exploring.

"I'm partial to London - it's an amazing place for a day off - but I'm going to get a little quirky here and say Stockholm," he shared when asked where he likes to relax. "It's one of the cleanest cities in the world and I love Scandinavian food. The people there are really nice and you're right by the water - I'd probably just get some fresh air and walk around."

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