Josh Hutcherson's cannibalistic cravings

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14 November 2014

Josh Hutcherson is curious to taste human flesh.

The young actor spoke openly about his cannibalistic cravings to GQ magazine, but admits he doesn't want anybody to forfeit their life for him. Josh has become a global star thanks to his role as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games movies, which centres on the battle for survival in a dystopian universe. "I don't want somebody to die for me to eat them," Josh explained to the publication. "However, If someone happened to die from natural causes and it wasn't so taboo... I'm curious. I want to know what it tastes like. Like you want to know what a pigeon tastes like, you know, except it's a human. We're all animals."

‘I'm curious. I want to know what it tastes like’

Pushing his human hunger aside, Josh also heaped praise on his co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Even though the 24-year-old actress often makes it into World's Most Beautiful Women lists, Josh says their relationship is purely platonic. However, if they ever were to take it to the next level, 22-year-old Josh thinks it would be a powerful union.

"From the moment we met, we hit it off. If we were at all sexually attracted to each other, it would be the most intense relationship in the world. But there's never been an ounce of that between us. It's been brother and sister from the beginning," he divulged.

It's thought Josh is currently dating fellow actress Claudia Traisac. They both star in Escobar: Paradise Lost, which is due to hit cinema screens early next year, and were recently spotted enjoying a spa date in romantic city Paris.

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