J'Something cooks up yet another gig

By Shanaaz Prince
09 July 2015

If he is not whipping up something delicious on his cooking show, then it’s getting ready for his band’s first international eighty-city tour taking place from the 15 July.

If it’s not that, he’s being the face of fashion company Arrow Clothing.

Just when you thought that lead singer from Mi Casa, J’Something, couldn’t get any busier then he already is, the 25-year-old has just been appointed as the creative director for Huawei South Africa, announced at their Huawei P8 launch held in Johannesburg earlier this month. In short J’Something states that his new role entails that he finds new and creative ways to campaign the Huawei brand across the whole African continent.  What started out as what he thought was just “coffee and a casual chat” turned out to be something he considers an honour.

“I am so humbled by it all. But most importantly it birthed a whole new level of aspiration in me.”  He said to YOU.

With this role, the singer knows that this will challenge him to work harder then he already does.

“For me it means to dream, to aspire.” He said.

As eventful as his life is, J’Something gives credit to the amazing team that helps him Manage and Juggle it all.

Cooking, singing and now campaigning too; you can’t help but wonder what’s next for this busy young man, he laughs when he says “I guess you will just have to wait and see.”

- Chanel Retief

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