Jub Jub crash: God saved our son

By admin
01 April 2010

‘‘I felt the hand of God that day,’’ Joel Mushwana says, looking at his teenage son, Fumani. The youngster has a bandage on one ankle and walks with the aid of crutches.

Fumani is so far the only victim of the horrific Jub Jub crash to recover enough to go home.

He and another boy, Frank Mlambo – both Grade 11 learners at Altmont Technical High School in Soweto – survived being mowed down by the speeding cars that killed four of their friends that terrible day early last month. Both injured boys were rushed to hospital. Fumani pulled through but Frank is still in a coma.

‘‘We’re very thankful and blessed to have Fumani home with us. I can only imagine what the other families are going through,’’ dad Joel says at their home in Protea Glen, Soweto. ‘‘My son’s recovery is a miracle. He still has to have more check-ups and his leg might need special attention but at least he’s home.’’

Joel and his wife, Bridget, were told of the accident soon after it happened and they rushed to the scene. ‘‘Bridget was crying as we looked at the bodies of the children lying there. Looking for my son was horrific.

‘‘Then we saw him at the ambulance on a stretcher and I knew he was going to be okay. God had moved him out of the way and I knew He wouldn’t let him die now.’’

Not far away Martha Mlambo prays for her son Frank’s recovery. The 16-year-old hasn’t made much progress since the accident, despite no longer being in intensive care.

Martha, a single mom, has lost her job as a security guard as a result of her keeping a vigil at Frank’s hospital bedside. ‘‘All I want is my son to come back home to me,’’ she says.

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