Judge Thokozile Masipa petrolbomb hoax spirals out of control

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08 July 2016

It's shocking this story was allowed to go this far.

Judge Thokozile Masipa’s rulings in the Oscar Pistorius case has stirred up strong emotional reactions – not all of which have been positive. When rumours of her car being petrolbombed started doing the rounds on social media shortly after her latest ruling on 6 July, many people unquestioningly took it as the truth.  

But it seems the rumour is just that. The guilty party is the website MzansiLive.co.za, who described 6 July as a “tragic day” for the judge.

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The article goes on to say South Africans and supporters of Reeva Steenkamp didn’t react well to the sentencing and also that the ANC Women’s League described the sentence as an insult to the judicial system.

The same articles quotes “sources close to the judge” as saying that her car had been petrolbombed on her way home.

“Two petrol bombs were thrown at Judge Masipa’s car, one hit her front and the other was thrown inside the car via an open passenger window. I was quick to react when I saw flames and smoke, though I was a distance, I managed to reach her on time, she had already passed out. The offenders disappeared from the scene in a black Toyota SUV,” the source supposedly said.

According to the article emergency services also took longer than usual to respond. Chitra Bodasing, speaking on behalf of ER24, is said to have denied this.

What made the article truly upsetting was an accompanying picture of a burning car. The article also states that an “anonymous family member” had said that the judge is in a stable condition in hospital.

“This is tragedy; we all believe that it has something to do with the Pistorius case. As a family we have the Good Samaritan to thank, who was quick enough to pull her out of the car, she could have been burnt to death,” the family member is quoted as saying.

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Nathi Mncube of the Office of the Chief Justice indicated he’s aware of the allegations and would be responding at a later stage.

Chitra Bodasing of ER24 has told The Argus that they are unaware of any such an incident.

The photograph MzansiLive used along with the article was of an accident in China on 2 June 2016 in which the car had collided with a bus.

Sources: mzansilive.co.za, iol.co.za, bsccomment.com, news.google.co.za

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