Julia Roberts: Bullies are weak

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18 October 2015

Julia Roberts believes all bullies are "sad and pitiful".

The Pretty Woman actress is a keen supporter of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), just like fellow Hollywood star George Clooney. By doing things like auctioning off lunch to raise money for the charity she hopes to spread a message of acceptance and kindness.

"It all comes down to the simplest thing – to treat others the way you want to be treated," she told People magazine. "People that are truly, deeply unkind are the ones that lack any real knowledge of what they are talking about or who they are talking about.

'Treat others the way you want to be treated'

"As big and powerful as the bully tries to seem is as sad and pitiful as they truly are. It's important to realise it has nothing to do with you but it actually has to do with the person being cruel and unkind and that is the person who has the confusion and the problems."

She believes ignorance is the root of all discrimination and loves the fact GLSEN is all about educating people to become tolerant. It focuses on school-age kids, which is something that resonates with Julia.

She raises twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (10) and son Henry, eight, with her husband Daniel Moder and while they aren't actively involved in the charity, she tries to pass its ethos onto her offspring.

"My activities outside the house are a little uninteresting unless it's going to soccer games, but certainly [we talk about] the concepts of kindness and understanding and appreciating differences," she smiled.

"Children are so full of wonder and everything is about loving and being loved. They are the great teachers."

She believes society is beginning to embrace diversity and has a particular admiration for Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, who revealed her transition from a man to a woman earlier this year.

"You can see the way Caitlyn Jenner has really kind of shaped all of us into a place of understanding – what she has gone through and is going through," she said.

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