Julianna Margulies publishes children's book in tribute to late father

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28 November 2015

Actress Julianna Margulies has paid tribute to her late father by publishing a children's book he wrote for her and her two sisters when they were little.

The star of The Good Wife has penned Three Magic Balloons, which is based on a tale her dad Paul used to recite when she was a child. After he passed away in 2014 at the age of 79, Julianna thought it was fitting for his wonderful story to be shared with the youngsters of today.

'He was a special guy'

"He was a special guy, and it feels good to be able to put something out into the world that he wrote," she told People magazine. "It's a very loving, sweet story, and it's just about giving."

The book tells the story of three sisters whose father gives them money for treats at the zoo, but they use it to buy food for the animals instead.

It has been illustrated by Grant Shaffer, who is married to Julianna's co-star on the hit CBS drama Alan Cumming, and the 49-year-old thinks the pictures elevate the story to a whole new level.

"A balloon man who has been watching them gives them magic balloons because they have kindness in their hearts," she explained about the plot. "They tie them to their beds at night and the balloons make them go up, up, up into the sky, and all these angels and majestic animals come out to greet them. All because of the kindness that they show."

The actress thinks her father would be delighted to see his story being made available to other children so many years after he originally came up with the idea.

"I think he would love it," she smiled. "He wanted everyone to have love in their hearts. He hated any kind of animosity, he really wanted everyone to find peace. That's what this book is bringing to people. I feel lucky enough that I could have gotten it out there for him. It's just a really sweet, hopeful story that I think the world could use right now."

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