Julianne Moore: Women are fab

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14 March 2015

Julianne Moore loves the "camaraderie" between women.

The 54-year-old actress has been in the movie-making business since the early 90s and starred alongside the likes of fellow A-list females Nicole Kidman and Annette Bening throughout her career.

In an industry which was once mainly male dominated, Julianne is pleased to see so many strong ladies take the forefront and paving the way for the younger generation such as her daughter Liv (12).

'I like our camaraderie, our similarities, how we collaborate'

"Ellen Page. Kristen Stewart, I just love her. Emma Stone is fabulous. I love Catherine Deneuve. I love Tilda Swinton," Julianne gushed to US Harper's Bazaar magazine of her favourite actresses.

"But, women are fabulous. I like our camaraderie, our similarities, how we collaborate. When my daughter was born, I looked at her in the bassinet and I said, 'You're one of us.' I'm going to cry if I think about it too much. I had this little girl and was like, 'Yup. You're one of us.'"

Her performance skills have seen Julianne nominated for countless awards over the years and she took the 2015 ceremonies by storm, picking up best actress for Still Alice at the Oscars, Golden Globes and SAGs. She is lauded for her ability to embody a diverse range of characters so doesn't understand it when people approach her with misconceptions of her roles.

"Some people say, 'You play happy people,' and I'm like, 'No.' Or, 'You play people who have affairs,' and I'm like, 'No.' Or, 'You play lesbians,' and I'm like, 'No!' I've made 50-something movies, so there's a lot of different people. I like really human stories," she explained, adding that taking on jobs is easier now her kids – she also has son Cal, 17, with husband Bart Freundlich - are older.

She sympathises with those beginning the biggest point of their lives with young infants, such as Rosamund Pike who became a mother for the second time in December.

"It's really tough. And [Rosamund] looks f**king awesome. But I've been there! With my daughter, I'd been nursing her almost a year, and one of my boobs conked out, so I was completely uneven," she recalled.

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