Julianne Moore’s ‘lucky kids’

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27 August 2014

Julianne Moore’s children know how lucky they are.

Julianne Moore’s children know how lucky they are. The 53-year-old actress shares son, Caleb (16) and 12-year-old daughter Liv with her director husband Bart Freundlich.

'They have lots of opportunities, and they're aware that they're lucky that way'

And Julianne says it’s important to her that her kids understand just how privileged they are.

"We talk about how lucky we are as a family to have what we need, that the kids are able to go to grade school and whenever we need to go to the doctor, we can go to the doctor,” she told People.

"They have lots of opportunities, and they're aware that they're lucky that way. We do talk about giving back or giving to charity or what it means to be less fortunate – they're aware of everything."

Julianne was talking to People to promote her collaboration with the Children’s Health Fund, with whom she works to raise awareness and funds.

Speaking about the organisation, which helps to provide children in New York and across America with the health care they need, Julianne said: “They are amazing. I was really impressed with how practical Irwin [Redlener, co-founder] and Karen [Redlener, executive director] have been with their pursuit in giving everybody an equal shot in life.”

Julianne added that she wanted to get involved with such an important organisation, which also uses mobile care units to provide care for children.

"We're supposed to be able to have our opportunities in front of us," she said. "They're trying, in a sense, to level the playing field and give these kids a real opportunity."

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