Julie Andrews: Counselling led me to love

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05 March 2015

Julie Andrews went to therapy to "get rid of some garbage" and ended up meeting the love of her life.

The actress is famed for her appearance in 1965's The Sound of Music and four years after it was released she married Blake Edwards. The pair met because they were both seeking counselling at the same place, with Julie explaining she needed help coping with her sudden rise to fame. "We actually, our cars - I was going one way and he was going the other and Blake rolled down the window after smiling a couple of times and said, 'Are you going where I just came from?' And I was going to a therapist and he was coming from. Very corny, sorry about that!" she explained to British TV show Good Morning Britain, before stating why she needed counselling.

'I think one carries that love always'

"Well, can you imagine after all that assault of press and people, I had some garbage to get rid of."

The couple were married for 41 years until director Blake's death in 2010. Julie (79) calls their romance a great love story and can't help but smile when she looks back on their time together.

Perhaps because of this she is still coming to terms with his passing.

"I'm still dealing with it. There are days when it's perfectly wonderful and I'm myself and then it will suddenly sock you in the middle of your gut and you think, 'Oh God, I wish you were here.' But he is in a way. I think one carries that love always," she said.

The actress was asked about a secret to her lengthy union, but insisted there is no easy way to make it work. She and Blake just took one day at a time, and eventually they found themselves married for over four decades.

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