Julie Bowen: I’ve got motherhood down

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12 June 2015

Julie Bowen has “lowered expectations” of herself as a parent.

The Modern Family actress has three sons with husband Scott Phillips, eight-year-old Oliver and twins John and Gus, six. While the couple certainly have their hands full with their brood, they do their best to maintain a happy household.

“Millions of people have done this for millions of years or billions! So just suck it up. It’s not easy. Just do it, and now it’s so much easier. My husband can do it. I can do it,” she told People magazine before joking; “We got it down to a system. We have lowered expectations. They wear filthy clothing, I’m not going to lie. It’s gross.”

'They wear filthy clothing, I’m not going to lie'

With the children being so close in age, it can be quite a task to get everyone out the door on time. The 45-year-old brought her offspring along to the Jenni Kayne + Pottery Barn Kids Collection Launch with Baby2Baby in West Hollywood at the weekend, where she told the outlet that they had arrived late.

“I had a plan. I aimed for a certain time of leaving the house, almost made that, but didn’t by 30 minutes,” she sighed. “You just do your best. Then, after this, they get to go to an arcade.”

While the couple manage alone with the children on weekends, during the week they have a welcome extra pair of hands in the form of a nanny.

“We definitely have help during the week,” she continued. “But I feel like if I got a nanny on the weekends when they were little, I would have relied on it so heavily that I would have been … like, ‘What do I do? What do I do?’ ”

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