Julie Bowen: Modern Family is my safe option

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16 August 2015

Julie Bowen knows she needs to feel “unsafe” again in order to be proud of her career.

The 46-year-old actress has played Claire Dunphy in hit US TV show Modern Family since 2009.

But she says that while she loves her part in the programme, she is well aware that she is sticking to the safe option by continuing on the show.

So she has decided to step behind the camera in order to push herself professionally.

'I need to feel a little unsafe again'

"I love Modern Family, but the reality is, it is a very safe place," she told People magazine. "I think to get that feeling of pride back, I need to feel a little unsafe again."

When Julie was auditioning to play Claire, she was pregnant with twins Gus and John, now six.

And she admits when she thought her blooming figure might put bosses off of casting her, she struggled to contain her emotions.

"I was pregnant with twins, and I kept thinking they weren't going to hire me," she continued. "They kept bringing me in over and over and sort of staring at my humungous belly, and I thought, 'I'm never getting this job.' "

“I went home and cried and cried and cried."

Julie is also mother to eight-year-old Oliver with her husband Scott Phillips.

As well as her busy work life, Julie does her utmost to ensure she spends as much time with her brood as possible.

However, she acknowledges that when she’s having family time, she doesn’t worry too much about how she looks.

"If we're going to the park, I'm going to be mud-splattered so I'm not thinking about how I'm going to have to physically present myself," she said.

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