Just for the boys! Welcome to Janez and Lunga's Man Cave

By admin
31 July 2014

It's all about the boys! Lunga Shabalala and Janez Vermeiren new show is just about two guys working and having fun – think adventure sports and gorgeous supermodels, they say.

“This has been a dream of mine for many years,” says Janez.

'I had to learn to drive a motor bike in less than four hours'

His hope was to get someone who would share his passion and make for great television and a job that they would both wake up and feel excited to do.

The show sees Janez and Lunga going through various challenges for the first time, usually competitively, but all in the name of fun.

“Guys like competing and we love pushing each other too. I had to learn to drive a motor bike in less than four hours and I did. We do cage-fighting, boxing, and we also do things that women love. Simple things like how to wear a suit that guys may not get the importance that women really appreciate,” says Lunga. [Ed's note: If Janez and Lunga are going to be whipping their shirts off like this, they'll have no problem attracting female viewers!]

For the launch of The Man Cave, for example, Lunga and Janez challenged one another and the media to a 100 m bungee jump off the Soweto Tours.

The first episode of The Man Cave will air on Wednesday 6 August at 8pm on SABC 3. 

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