Just when you thought winter was on its way out...

By Marelize Potgieter
19 September 2016

This weekend's cold snap is not the last one we'll see this year.

Just when we thought we could pack away our warm winter coats and gloves the weather has surprised with a sneaky cold front which had most of South Africa in a choke hold this past weekend.

It wasn’t just Capetonians who were left shivering from the icy cold temperatures of under 15 degrees; the East Free State was transformed into a winter wonderland.

In KwaZulu-Natal cars were washed away by flood waters and Mpumalanga also experienced bitterly cold conditions. But let’s not lose hope – it looks like things will be looking a lot sunnier from here on.

“The past weekend was very typical of autumn,” says Cobus Olivier of the weather office in Pretoria. “One day it looks like winter and then the next it’s summer.”

He predicts that the weather patterns which cause cold fronts will stop at around the end of October.

“The chances are the will be another cold front are slim, but possible, he says. “This is an uncertain period.”

How does the weather look for the rest of the week?

• In Cape Town Monday will be warm with an expected temperature of 20°C but from Tuesday the temperature will drop to between 17 and 19°C.

• In Bloemfontein the temperature this week will range from 20°C to just under 30°C.

• In Johannesburg will be warmer this week with a temperature of 22°C on Tuesday and 27°C on Friday.

• Pretoria’s weather looks promising with 24°C predicted for Tuesday and 31°C for Friday.

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