'Justice will be done': Amor Vittone on bitter battle over Joost's will

23 June 2017

Since Joost's death, his family have been at loggerheads over his estate.

Amor Vittone said on Thursday that justice will be served for her and her children.

This comes after her lawyer Sean Hefferman of LP Baartman Attorneys filed the original testament she and her estranged husband Joost van der Westhuizen drafted eight years before his death, with the help of Rudolph Pretorius from Landa Administrators at the master of the Pretoria High Court.

Under this will, both she and their two children inherit everything.

"I know everything will work out. Justice will be done," the singer said in the midst of the bitter battle over Joost's estate.

"Today we decided to take the necessary step on the recommendation of Advocate Martin van Twisk, who is working with us on the matter," said Amor's lawyer, Sean.

Since Joost's death in February 2017, after a long battle with motor neurone disease, there has been a battle over Joost's estate.

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Joost made a will on 2 September 2015 without Amor's knowledge. By the time of his death, they were still married in community of property, although they were separated from each other.

The master of the court set aside this testament, which indicates that Amor inherits only three televisions while their children are the only heirs, as it is not signed by Joost or comply with the legal requirements.

Joost, who lost his battle against MNS on 6 February 2017, was almost paralysed and wheelchair-bound when the latest testament, in which Amor was excluded, was drafted.

According to the will, a trust must satisfy the children's needs.

Joost and Amor wrote a will together in August 2009 in which the survivors inherit everything. If they both die, everything goes to their children.

This is the testament that was handed to the master by Amor's lawyer, Sean on Thursday.

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Amor has had questions about Joost's estate since his death. Her latest query is why Joost's second will was only submitted to the master on May 23rd.

Pieter van der Westhuizen, Joost's older brother and executor of the estate, told YOU on Thursday that he had left the battle around Joost's estate in lawyer Ferdi Hartzenberg's capable hands.

Ferdi could not be reached for comment, but Pieter confirmed he was not aware that Sean submitted the previous will to the court.

Amor told YOU earlier this year that Joost repeatedly promised that her children, Jordan (13) and Kylie (11), would be taken care of after his death and that they did not have to give up their beloved soccer and horse riding.

His wish was also that they stay in the schools where they were at the time of his death.

"I just don't think Joost would have been happy with what's going on right now. I honestly don't think he would have liked it," Amor said earlier to YOU.

"I don't think he was so cruel to do something like this. He said, 'I promise you, Amor, you do not even have to do my will again. I promise you the kids are okay'."

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