Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson collaborate!

By admin
19 August 2013

Justin Bieber has long been a fan of the King of the Pop and now it seems he’s collaborated with the late star on a track that’s recently been leaked.

Justin Bieber has long been a fan of the King of the Pop, even emulating his behaviour and wardrobe choices.

But when Michael Jackson died in June 2009, The Biebs, who was only 15 at the time, hadn’t even released his debut track, Baby.

But he’s sure come a long way in fulfilling many of his dreams, and causing almost as much controversy as the late Thriller hitmaker.

Now, well after the death of the great musician, Justin’s had the opportunity to work with his idol. Okay, not really, but he bought the rights to Slave to the Rhythm, recorded by Michael, who’s been dead now for more than four years.

The new duet features the late star and one of today’s hottest pop stars on a catchy dance track that’s bound to be a global chart-topping success.

The remixed Slave to the Rhythm was recently leaked, yet there’s been no confirmation from Justin’s camp that the collaboration is indeed legitimate.

Cryptic tweets posted by him over the weekend do however make the collab seem quite above board.




There’s no arguing the track is indeed pretty awesome, but what else would you expect from a collab between two of the biggest stars of our time?

Do you think you’ll be a slave to this rhythm?

- Faiza Mallick

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