Justin Bieber faces arrest for graffiti in Brazil

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07 November 2013

Police officers reportedly paid a visit to Justin Bieber's mansion in Brazil to quiz him after he was photographed defacing the side of a hotel with graffiti on Tuesday morning.

Justin Bieber faces arrest after he was caught spraying graffiti in Brazil.

Police officers reportedly paid a visit to the mansion the singer has been renting in Rio de Janeiro in an attempt to quiz the Boyfriend singer after he was photographed defacing the side of a £23 million (R368 million) hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to civil police chief Antonio Ricardo, officers tried to locate the 19-year-old pop star at his residence following the incident, but he had already left the country, meaning he could now be arrested next time he enters Brazil.

Graffiti is a punishable offence in Rio de Janeiro and can carry a jail sentence of between three months and one year.

Justin had been accompanied by his bodyguards and a group of friends when he drew a series of cartoon-like images, and scribbled phrases such as “Beliebers 4 life” and “respect privacy” on the wall of the private property in the upmarket area of Sao Conrado.

According to reports, local newspaper photographers attempting to take pictures called police after reportedly being attacked by members of Justin's entourage.

One paparazzo claims his clothes were ripped off his body by the As Long As You Love Me singer's security, while another complained his car was pelted with bricks ripped from the cobbled pavement.

Justin allegedly stuck up his middle finger and shouted, “Suck my d**k”, to photographers trying to photograph him in the act.

The star also caused controversy after he was spotted leaving a brothel with two women during his trip to the South American country.

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