Justin Bieber: I'll be a dad one day

This time last year the 21-year-old wouldn't have made a positive role model, after several run-ins with the law. But a few public apologies later, the reformed bad boy has cleaned up his act and is focusing on his music. And he can even see himself producing a baby Bieber when the time is right.

"I definitely see myself becoming a father one day," he smiled to the German Presse-Agentur, adding he's always loved kids. "But at the moment I can't see myself settling down."

'But at the moment I can't see myself settling down'

That's down to the fact he's always on the move, with the star currently in Germany to promote his upcoming currently-untitled album. During that time he headed to radio station NRJ in Berlin, where he was quizzed on his favourite dish.

Demi Lovato was asked the same question by NRJ recently, but while Justin answered his grandmother's spaghetti bolognaise, Demi said hers was "a mug".

She later claimed she was trying to make a crockery-based joke, and Justin finds the whole thing hilarious.

"It's not even a dish - a mug isn't a dish!" he laughed. "But let's be nice to her; she was probably having a long day. I've said stupid things in interviews too. There was this one interview where this dude kept saying 'German' but he said it like 'jimmin' and I was like, 'I don't know what that is.' Then I looked back and thought, 'Oh, he was saying German - poor guy.'"

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