Justin Bieber's bodyguard arrested

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26 February 2014

Justin Bieber's bodyguard was reportedly arrested on Tuesday for allegedly stealing a photographer's camera at an amusement park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Justin Bieber's bodyguard was reportedly arrested on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old star's security guard was taken into police custody for questioning after being accused of stealing a photographer's camera while the singer was visiting an amusement park in Atlanta, Georgia.

A law enforcement source told gossip website TMZ.com that one of the Heartbreaker hitmaker's minders got into an argument with the paparazzo and grabbed his camera before jumping into the star's Escalade and instructing their driver to flee the scene.

Police officers later returned the camera to the photographer after locating it inside the vehicle that was parked outside the Canadian star's new rental home in the city.

Officers are still deciding whether to arrest the driver in connection with the incident.

Meanwhile, Justin's on/off companion Chantal Jeffries, who was with him when he was arrested in Miami last month, has hit back at allegations she is a "gold digger" and only using him for fame.

She told E! News: "If anything you could say I'm a goal digger because I have my own goals and I'm focused on that.

"I have my own eyebrow line. I designed the products and I picked everything that I wanted, I put all my own money into it. I make money from that, I make my own money from modelling, I go to school, so I don't need really anybody else.

"I'm a strong independent woman so I don't need a guy."

The model also insisted she had never seen Justin use drugs and their relationship isn't romantic.

She said: "Justin's fun. He's cool, he's a good person."

The Baby hitmaker is scheduled to appear in court in Florida on March 3 after being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an expired licence and resisting arrest last month.

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