Justin Theroux: How I kept wedding secret

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26 September 2015

Actor Justin Theroux was delighted when his TV show The Leftovers offered the “perfect cover” for his wedding to Jennifer Aniston.

The Hollywood couple tied the knot at a top secret ceremony in August (15), following a three-year engagement. The wedding fell when Justin’s HBO series was on a break, which also happened to be at the time he celebrated his 44th birthday on 10 August (15). The pair invited friends and family to a party to celebrate his special day, although unbeknown to guests the bash was actually their wedding.

'It was kind of perfect cover in a weird way'

“It was kind of perfect cover in a weird way," he told Access Hollywood. "We were doing a show and there was a sort of very logical writers’ hiatus that was going to be taking place… And that was the cover. And it happened to coincide, not happened to, but coincided with my birthday. So, it became a beautiful thing."

The second season of The Leftovers hits screens in America on 4 October and Justin has let a few secrets slip already.

The programme follows survivors of a global event that took place three years earlier which saw millions of people vanish from the face of the world. His character Kevin is one of those who is trying to come to terms with the incident, and in season two viewers see him forging a relationship with Nora (Carrie Coon).

“I think what they're sort of bonded over is sort of a common damage or similar hope that they can sort of help each other out with their own problems," he mused. "So it's love, but it's love in that way of, I think they're aspiring to love each other the way they want to, or correctly. That being said, they begin in a very happy place, a hopeful place.”

The Leftovers also stars Liv Tyler, Christopher Eccleston and Amy Brenneman.

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